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Quick Overview
The National Building Archives™ was formed by a group of builders, architects and management companies who understand the importance of securing a building's data for the life of the building. Many elements of a building's construction are simply lost by management teams, discarded by employees who don't understand the relevance of the documents long-term, and many other ways.

The Digital Cornerstone™ system is a laser engraved stainless steel tag with a unique identifier for each and every building.

It is a permanent marker that provides future building owners, architects, historians, builders, trades, insurance companies, realtors, equipment and materials manufacturers, and others, the building's history from cradle to grave. This tag can be used with existing smartphone technology to gain access to the files depending on the current owner's permissions settings.

The system utilizes the 50 divisions of construction information, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute, and can hold ALL documents such as blueprints, warranties, equipment locations, electrical lines, paint codes, bids, permits, invoices, and all other information generally lost after construction is completed. The entirety of the building's history is preserved forever.
Detailed Overview
The National Building Archives™ is a historical database and document management system with the ability to use the patents granted by the USTPO to place markers (tags) on buildings called Digital Cornerstones™. These markers are laser scored using advanced technology giving them a deeply engraved etching into 316 stainless steel that is designed to weather the elements for centuries. These industrial markings are used in identifying components on satellites, aerospace parts and other items that could be subjected to intense temperature extremes in the depths of outer space. Meaning the markers will clearly last a building's lifetime.

The tag can be used with existing smartphone technology, or a browser, to gain access to the files depending on the data owner's and building owner's validation.

The Building Tag, or Digital Cornerstone System™, references the building's construction database of information such as: These are all uploaded to, and held, in the secure server system of the NBA. These tags identify the building by a serial number and QR Code that lets users interface with the archive to retrieve construction data as needed.

For example, if you have an issue with the roofing system, and are looking for the installing contractors to make a bid, you can retrieve the data from the archive to make the call.
Contributing architects, landscape architects, MEP engineers and the general contractor's name and up-to-date contact information are available as public information. They can be looked up using either an address or the tag serial number.

The system seals the remaining information as privately held by the building owners and data contributors.

High level protocols exist to ensure the interior and building information is stored securely, and redundantly, in multiple high security server facilities located throughout the United States.