National Building Archives™ values your privacy.

Please take into consideration that National Building Archives™ may disclose some information to 3rd parties as a part of its services. If National Building Archives™ is required by a competent law enforcement agency to disclose information according to a court order or other legal obligation, it shall do so.

National Building Archives™ will retain some personal information you provide it, such as your email address and phone number. National Building Archives™ stores documents and data related to buildings that you are associated with.

National Building Archives™ collects access information such as IP addresses in order to protect the site from attack.

National Building Archives™ may retain some non-personal information, such as your approximate geolocation, the pages you visited, your browser version, operating system version and other related information.

Apart from National Building Archives's™ employees and agents, who are under strict confidentiality obligations, National Building Archives™ may provide information to 3rd party API providers such as and Twillio.

National Building Archives™ uses your personal information to provide you with the services, and may use your personal information to improve the service and test additional features.

You can delete your account at any time.

National Building Archives™ uses high level industry grade security services and practices to secure your information:
Routine backups.
Site access monitoring.
Web Application Firewall.
OWASP best practices.
Secret keys are protected in a vault.

* Your passwords are hashed and salted. We cannot recover them.
* Your email address and cell phone number are encrypted using high level encryption.

The site is 3rd party PEN tested on a regular basis.
In addition to our own expert staff, site security is reviewed by third party experts on a regular basis.

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